SOFi Straws


Stays Stronger, Longer

Thanks to their advanced manufacturing process, SOFi paper straws are among the best alternatives for single-use plastic straws. SOFi straws last 10x longer than other brands and keep their original shape.

Food Grade Coating
You know how most paper straws taste like… paper? SOFi Straws don’t. Because they’re coated, which makes them taste more like the thing you’re drinking and less like the newspaper you’re reading.



SOFi is on a mission to create the best eco-friendly and biodegradable-yet-durable paper products to diminish the need for plastics, raise awareness about environmental issues, and empower businesses to alter their purchasing decisions.  


The Classic:
4,800 Straws (24 boxes)
Length: 7.76”
Diameter: 0.236”
These “everyday” straws are versatile — they fit in easily with anyone and everyone. They go with the flow and love to entertain! 
Perfect for water, soft drinks, juices, and alcoholic beverages served in taller glasses. Mostly served in standard-size glasses, like tumblers or pint glasses.
The Stable Giant:
4,800 Straws (24 boxes)
Length: 8.46”
Width: 0.315”


These straws, in their simplest form, are older siblings to The Classics. Their strength and over-protectiveness make The Crosshair Dilemma (in which a cup’s lid slices through the straw) obsolete. 

Perfect for iced coffee, smoothies, and juices...basically any drink with a lid! They’re specially designed to not be crushed by the lid’s center.

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