1907 Water

1907 Water

1907 Water

1907 Water is sourced from the alpine forest ranges of Kaimanawa, New Zealand.  It is naturally filtered with volcanic rock and sandstone, incorporating all of the goodness from rock minerals.  This water is naturally high in alkaline with a steady pH balance of 8.0, which is perfect for today's fast paced lifestyle.  It even helps balance the effects of acidic coffee, which we all know we cannot live without!  

This product is 100% natural, unlike many other high alkaline waters which are manipulated by manufactures.  The natural elements of 1907 water is what gives it its unique flavor profile: soft, smooth & almost sweet in taste.

Bottle Information:

BPA-free, 100% recyclable, & made from 100% recyclable materials

Case of 24/500ml Bottles - 16.9oz

All 1907

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