Man Eating Tiger Matcha

Man Eating Tiger Ceremonial Matcha

Man Eating Tiger

Man Eating Tiger Ceremonial Grade Matcha is a single origin Match, hand picked and hand ground, brought in fresh seasonally from a small farm in Japan.  This brand is quickly taking over the streets of NYC as one of the most energizing matcha's around.
Unlike other matcha on the market, Man Eating Tiger does not have a bitter taste and is not mixed with generic green tea, or artificial additives. It has a naturally smooth and subtly sweet taste.
How To Prepare:

Man Eating Tiger can be enjoyed two ways, "Just Matcha" or as a "Matcha Latte". While many coffee shops are tempted to just offer matcha as latte, the natural taste of an iced or hot matcha with just water and a dab of honey is a great morning pick-me-up.

For Just Matcha, use 3g of matcha

For a Matcha latte, use 4-5g of matcha

Gluten-free, Vegan, Paleo, Vegetarian

Available in a 16oz (454g) & 32oz bag (908g)

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