MatchaFul Jade Grade Matcha Powder


Jade Grade Matcha is a blend of first and second harvest tea leaves.  Because of this, it offers a more robust taste similar to steeped green tea. The Jade Grade matcha contains less chlorophyll, giving the matcha a slightly lighter green hue. Its full-bodied taste profile makes this the perfect matcha for mixed drinks as well as recipes.
Matchaful's Jade Grade is a premium grade matcha, made from hand-picked, 100% USDA organic, vibrant first and second harvest green tea leaves. Best for mixing into a delicious latte, smoothie, or into your favorite recipe.
Use 5g of Matcha for every 8oz of liquid.
Serving Size:
  • 80 gram, 16 serves/bag
  • 200 gram bag, 40 serves/bag
  • 1000 (1kg) gram bag, 200 serves/bag


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